Power of KDE API

Today Cervisia’s changelog and commit dialogs both gained the capability to check the spelling while the user types in the log message.

Although this feature sounds like something that is hard to implement, the KDE API makes it very easy. The change to the changelog dialog was actually just a one-liner since it already used the KTextEdit class. So the addition of the following line was enough to activate the spellchecker:

That was easy. 🙂

mini project…

A few days ago I read Nat Friedman’s blog and came across an entry about a “Desktop Search” functionality. This search function would aggregate search results from different sources like the addressbook, calendar, notes, etc.

I liked the idea and thought it would be pretty easy to do with libkabc and libkcal. I imagined it to be similar to KDesktop’s minicli. So the project minipif (Mini Personal Information Finder) was born. The screenshots of the search dialog and the result dialog are from an very very early version. No code yet!

I know, I should be really working on Cervisia. Looking at bugs.kde.org, there are enough wishes for it, but I think it is good to do something different from time to time.

resolve dialog is in…

I finally checked-in the new resolve dialog code. This should fix all known bugs like removed characters or added new lines. Another thing that should work now, is the case when a conflict marker and the content is on the same line. This never worked before. Yippee!

Unfortunately it was too late to backport it to the KDE 3.2.2 branch, because there wasn’t enough time to test it. So it will be part of the KDE 3.2.3 release.