CuteMarkEd v0.8.0 preview – image tool

The CuteMarkEd will contain another great tool in the next major release. This time it’s a tool to insert an image link into the markdown document.


After clicking on the okay button, a markdown image link is inserted at the current cursor position.


This feature was just merged and will be available with CuteMarkEd v0.8.0.

4 thoughts on “CuteMarkEd v0.8.0 preview – image tool”

  1. dear cloose
    I am using cutemarked 0.8.1 in opensuse, it is great and beautiful. I try to cancel the purple big title in edit panel, but I can’t find the options.
    Another problem is I found cutemarked didn’t support md file from RStudio. cutemarked will emphasize the annotation as a subtitle in code, like
    # example of plot function in R

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