We Won’t Leave You Behind…

Although the future belongs to newer application launchers like Kickoff, Lancelot or Raptor, some users prefer the old K Menu style. Nothing wrong with that. That’s the reason why the plasma team made it really easy to switch the menu to a more KDE 3 like style. Unfortunately this “classic menu style” was quickly made and it missed a few features.

To improve the situation, I tackled the wishes #158302 and #187014.


The classic menu style now supports separators in the menu…


… and it also offers the same context menu as the Kickoff style.

Both features will be available with KDE 4.3. Have fun!

6 thoughts on “We Won’t Leave You Behind…”

  1. Thanks for the two patches! I really like the context menu! I still prefer the old menu over kickoff. Its far easier and faster to use! Hopefully they never stop distributing it!

  2. Not sure if this is kmenu or plasma:
    In kde3 I used to be able to drag the icon for a submenu to the kicker panel. In kde4 I can only drag application icons.

  3. thanks for this!
    is it also possible to add some find functionality (like in 3.5.9+ on suse)? i.e. press ‘/’ and type something to gray everything out except the matching entries (krit for Krita, etc.)

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